Akopan Expedition

Roraima Trek

The Akopan is really off the beaten tracks as far as tourists or hikers are concerned, there is no road to get there, being right in the middle of the Canaima National Park. It is part of the Chimanta massif, which has only, recently been explored and where endemic flora was discovered. These tepuys, unlike the Oriental ones, Roraima and Kukenan, which present a relatively flat, rocky surface, have a irregular surface, canyons and valleys, which makes their exploration more challenging. We will have a spectacular view of the surrounding tepuys, Upuigma, Angasima and Apauray.


Cost with 4 persons POR EUR Cost with 2 persons POR EUR
Cost with 3 persons POR EUR Cost with 1 person POR EUR

Akopan expedition route mapSee map...


Day 1. Santa Elena - Yunek
We will start our expedition either from Santa Elena or Ciudad Bolívar, flying over the Gran Sabana to a small Indian community called Yunek, in the hearth of the Gran Sabana. After meeting the local Pemon people we will install our tent camp in the village and prepare our equipment and organize our porters for the Acopan trek for the following morning. ( - / L / D )

Day 2. Yunek - Rainforest
We start our trek in the early morning, first hiking through savanha with an amazing view on the red colored walls rising on booth sides of the Yunek valley. Reaching the rainforest we follow our Amerindian guides that will open the way with their machetes through dense vegetation. After 4-5 hours walk and crossing several rivers we reach our camp place beside the Yunek river where we will build up our tents and enjoy a refreshing bath in this river. ( B / L / D )

Day 3. Rainforest - El Inka Continuing the trail we reach a ramp (non technical) which has to be to climbed to the top of the first plateau, where we will camp with the name “EL Inka” at the same river but 1000 meters higher. ( B / L / D )

Day 4. El Inka - Top of Akopan
The landscape on this day is completely different. The forest is behind us and in front we have a canyon with innumerable massive rocks, and many waterfalls with red shiny water. We will walk up river over big rocks and water falls for 3-4hours until midday. After lunch we leave this canyon of paradise and ascent the final plateau to the top of Akopan Tepuy. At late afternoon we will build up our camp on black rocks in the middle of Acopan. ( B / L / D )

Day 5. Exploring top of Akopan
We will spend a whole day exploring the surface of the tepuy, looking for endemic carnivorous plants, swimming in pools below waterfalls and having spectacular view to the surrounding tepuys. Most of Akopan is covered with a dense carpet of many plants. The border areas of Acopan Tepuy are composed by large stone labyrinths and deep cracks. We will overnight at the same campsite we used the previous night. ( B / L / D )

Day 6. Akopan top - Valley of Yunek
After breakfast we descent to the valley and walk through the forest the same way we used the days before. Once we reach the savannah we build up our tents beside the river we enjoy a scenic view to the surrounding walls of Akopan and Chimanta. The red colored water invites us again to bath. ( B / L / D )

Day 7. Yunek - Santa Elena
We wake up early and walk back to Yunek Village where at midday our plane will pick us up back to Santa Elena. ( B / L / - )
B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner

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