Gran Sabana South Route

Gran Sabana Canaima National Park

The jeep tour to Gran Sabana and El Pauji is a tour where we will drive from Santa Elena, at the frontier with Brazil, crossing the Massive Guyanese. El Pauji is a small community bordering Brazil was settled by "outsiders" in the 1980s - young urban couples with an artistic bent, seeking a more spiritual, natural and peaceful environment in which to raise children. We will do an interesting tour of more than 500 Kms. (round trip) and we will have the opportunity of admiring the beauty and fascinating natural landscapes of La Gran Sabana. We will see very impressive waterfalls, and grandiose Tepuys, (mountainous flat formations that abruptly rise from the plains that abound in this geological area, the most ancient of the planet). We will approach the indigenous populations in the cities of Iboribó, San Francisco de Yuruani and others.


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Day 1. Santa Elena - Kama Falls
Departure at 9 a.m. from Santa Elena to the north into the National Park Canaima. First stop at Jasper Creek, there a 15 min. walk to the waterfall with the beautiful red stones hidden in the jungle. Then we go to the Yuruani waterfall and to the Indian village San Francisco (lunch, handicraft and look around). Now its time to swim and relax in the Balneario Saro Wapo and afterwards we visit Quebrada Pacheco where you can find different kinds of carnivore plants. After this we drive on to the mystic viewpoint "El Oso", a very special place for the natives, and to the impressing 55m high waterfall Kama. Here we’ll have our dinner and overnight stay. ( - / L / D )

Day 2. Kamoiran - Apongwao - Santa Elena
After the breakfast a short stop at Rápidos de Kamoirán and in about 20 min we turn into a dirt road towards Liwo Riwo. There we take a curiara (Indian motorboat) to the 106 m high waterfall Aponwao and walk to a small hidden romantic pool. Back in the Indian village we’ll take lunch and continue to the main road and stop at the wonderful waterfall Kawi for a final refreshing bath before we determine our roundtrip in Santa Elena de Uairén. ( B / L / D )

Day 3. Santa Elena - El Pauji - Santa Elena El Paují is located 75 km in the West of Santa Elena de Uairén close to the Brazilian border. In this small village live Indians, miners and immigrants from different parts of the world together. We start at 8 a.m. from Santa Elena along the Brazilian border to the west. Already left the asphalt road we make a photo stop at the table mountain Chirikayen (also called lying Indian). Next we go to the viewpoint Paraitepui, the highest point of the road to El Paují, and visit a gold and diamond mine. Then we continue to El Paují and there we go for a walk to the Abismo, a abyss at the end of the Gran Sabana where begins the Amazon, the largest rainforest of the world and where’s also the watershed between the Orinoco and the Amazon. After enjoying the amazing view over the infinite green natural landscape we have lunch in El Pauji followed by a refreshing bath in the Esmerald Pool. Arriving Salto Catedral we will realize where the name is coming from, it’s located in a small jungle surrounded of uncountable plants and air roots. Now we drive the way back to Santa Elena de Uairén. ( B / L / - )

Gran Sabana north route 3 days

Roraima 6 days

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