Gran Sabana North Route

Gran Sabana National Park Canaima

The Gran Sabana is one of the oldest land formation on earth. During millions of years the table mountains have been formed. This classical tour takes us to the most beautiful places of the Gran Sabana. The way leads us to expansive savanna with table mountains in the background such as Roraima, Kukenan, Ptaritepuy and many others. We visit goldmines and breathtaking waterfalls. Our four wheel drive vehicle leads us safely up hill and down dale. We stay in little hotels in double rooms.


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Day 1. Ciudad Bolivar - Kamoiran
Early in the morning we start our tour in Ciudad Bolívar/Pto. Ordaz and make a short stop already in the Cachamay Park whose waterfalls "La Llovizna" give us a first impression of the beauty of the waterfalls in the Gran Sabana. We drive on and cross little villages like Upata, (founded in 1762 to protect the missionaries from hostile Indians), Guasipati, and El Callao where the biggest goldmine is located. After approx. 6 hours we reach Tumeremo. From Tumeremo we get via El Dorado to KM 88 and Las Claritas. Here the road winds up a 12 km long ascent called "La Escalera" until it reaches the plateau of the Gran Sabana. During this part of the trip we get to see the natural monument "Piedra La Virgen", the waterfall "El Danto", and the monument of the first "Soldado Pionero". From here we go on until we reach our little hotel situated at the rapids of Kamoiran. Double room/bath. ( - / L / D )

Day 2. Kamoiran - Apongwao
We turn westwards and drive on a bumpy stony road to Liboribo, where we take the boat to cross the river. We walk about one hour through typical savanna until we get to the top of the impressive waterfall "Salto Apongwao" (Chinak Meru). On a little trail we go down and walk on to a little waterfall where we can take a refreshing bath. Double room/bath. ( B / L / D )

Day 3. Apongwao - Santa Elena We travel on towards the south. We visit the "Salto Kama", 50 m high, and make a stop at the "Quebrada de Jaspe", a river of Jaspe. After a refreshing bath we drive on through hilly savanna landscape with moriche palm groves until we finally reach the small province city Sta. Elena. It is the last city on Venezuelan territory before the Brasilian border. Double rooms/bath. ( B / L / D )

Day 4. Santa Elena - Ciudad Bolivar
Drive back to Puerto Ordaz/Ciudad Bolívar*. After breakfast we drive back northwards through the Gran Sabana to Km 88 where we will have lunch. In the evening we reach Puerto Ordaz. ( B / L / - )

Gran Sabana south route 3 days

Roraima 6 days

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