Travel Service

Tailored round trips

With Kamadac you can create tours to Venezuela your way with our tailor made round trips, where you can put your own itinerary together with the help of one of our expert consultants. If you would prefer a tailor made tour then search through our suggested destinations or contact us for ideas and prices. We are happy to chat through the options and make suggestions to suit your tastes, time and budget.

At Kamadac we are flexible to customize any itinerary, either for an Individual or special-interest group within a few days. For us it is a pleasure to organize your journey and combine your choice of flights and destinations, hotels, tours; starting from what could be just ideas, wishes or dreams you may have, until we make them true and take you safely back home.

Pickup & Drop-Off
We offer airport pickup and drop-off from any City in Venezuela. We can also pick you up from any bus station. Our driver will wait for your flight at the airport with a sign bearing your name. This is for your security, so you can be sure you are in safe hands, which is particularly important if you arrive late at night. The driver will then transport you and your luggage safely to your hostel/hotel.
**Rates per person.

Airport and bus station pickup & drop-off
Airport assitance POR EUR

Seat In transfer
This is an economic and practical way for independent travelers to explore the country. Companies like Expressos Occidente and Expressos Los Llanos offer this type of transportation with daily schedules and pre-established routes throughout the country. Clients are picked from us and up at their hotel and travel together with other manly Venezuelan travelers to their next destination. Please contact us for more information about routes and prices.
**Rates per person.

For example: Bus from Puerto Ordaz to Santa Elena
700km including prepaid ticket and transport to the bus station

Private transportation
Your private driver will pick you up at your hotel and bring you to your next destination. Private transfers can be rather expensive compared to seat in transfers - depending on the routes - but the big advantage is that the travelling times are flexible and the service is exclusively for you.
**Rates per person.

Prices range from
depending on the distance and season

Transfers with a driver-guide
This is for sure the most comfortable and exclusive way to travel the country! Your private bilingual driver-guide will drive you around the country and at the same time give you detailed information on Venezuela’s nature, culture and history. This service can be booked for a one day tour, a part of a trip or a whole itinerary.
**Rates per person.

Average per day for a 2 persons group POR EUR
for a 3 persons group POR EUR
4 and more POR EUR

Local Flights
There are several national companies offering local/domestic flights. Within one hour or even less you get from the capital Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto Ordaz, Merida or Porlamar – the domestic flights help you to save time and are a comfortable alternative to avoid some exhausting long-distance driving!

Prices range from POR EUR