Los Llanos Tour

Los Llanos

Wildlife safari… The region of Los Llanos (the plains) is characterized by a flat savannah covered by grass and gallery forests along the rivers. It covered nearly a third of the Venezuelan territory, the entire central area from the Andes down to the Orinoco River. The plains of Los Llanos are barley populated by humans, but animal life is abundant. The huge savannah changes its scenery from the dry season (December to May) to the flooding of the rainy season (June to November). The main attraction of Los Llanos is its wildlife, it offers great opportunities for wildlife and bird watching. Because of the open landscape the animals are relatively easy to watch. Wildlife is abundant in both rainy and dry seasons. The main difference is that in the dry season most animals are concentrated near the scarce sources of water, which makes them easy to spot.


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Day 1. Merida - Llanos
Our Los Llanos tour offers you a travel experience off the beaten track. We start the jeep safari in Merida and we travel up the valley and over the mountains to Barinas, a city on the north western edge of Los Llanos right at the end of the Andes. The mountain scenery of the Andes is not to be missed. In Barinas, where the flat lands begin we start our drive through the savannah. Here you will get the first impact of Los Llanos with the chance to see the first animals and birds. After a day of travelling we arrive at our eco-tourist camp right in the middle of Los Llanos, where we will spend the three nights of the tour sleeping in hammocks. (Campamento turistico Los Mangos). At the camp we will spend our time together with a local “llanero” family that runs its farm together with his camp. The “llanero's” (Venezuelan Cowboy's) main activity is the cattle raising. Their typical music is the famous “joropo”, which you will probably have the opportunity to enjoy during your evenings in the camp. ( - / L / D )

Day 2 and 3. Llanos
Here in Los Llanos we have two full days to enjoy what the region offers. We will be staying in one of the best places for wildlife and bird watching. You will have a good chance to see capybara (locally named chigüire), the largest rodent in the world, spectacled caimans (“babas”), anteaters, the legendary anaconda, boa constrictors, piranhas, freshwater dolphins (“toninas”), monkeys, iguanas, turtles and more. Los Llanos is also a bird heaven, with more then 350 different species including egrets, seven different species of ibises, Jaribus, numerous Scarlet Macaws, fisher kings, hoatzin (a prehistoric-looking bird), between many others. The different activities this trip involves are canoeing down the river through gallery forest, safari and horseback riding throughout the endless savannah to observe the wildlife. You will also fish for piranhas which you may choose to have for dinner. The typical Los Llanos day will end with a spectacular sunset. ( B / L / D )

Day 4. Llanos - Merida
The last day of the tour we will come back to Merida or if you like you can stay in Barinas where you can continue your journey by bus or plane. ( B / L / - )


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