Venture out into the deep blue to watch the dolphins at play in the early morning sun, then return to dive or snorkel the cool clear waters and the vibrant coral reefs of the Mochima National Park or simply take to a tropical white sandy beach for a day of leisure at one of the parks many islands.
It is a continental, marine and insular park. It has pretty coral formations, beautiful mangroves along the continental coast, nice beaches and attractive landscapes. Its marine and coastal ecosystems include a wealth of rocky islands and islets of rugged relief. Known for its great beauty, Mochima National Park is also rich in its tranquil, crystal clear waters and in its underwater scenic resources and is a wonderful place for sailing, snorkeling, diving or water skiing.


Package 3 days 2 nights


Additional day



Mochima is a very attractive place for aquatic sports and relaxing. If you have been interested in the aquatic world you can start by renting some equipment and start diving.
If this isn’t of your like you can stay on the surface doing kayak, wakeboard, between others.
And if you haven’t been a sports person you can simply go to know the different cays that you might find.

Getting There

The national park Mochima runs along the sea coast of Venezuela between the cities of Puerto la Cruz and Cumana.
From Caracas: Direct flight to Barcelona (Purto La Cruz). Private land transfer or bus to the fishing Village of Mochima.
From Orinoco Delta: Buses and taxis leave from Maturin to Cumana conecting to Mochima,(5-6 hours).
From Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz: Buses or taxis to Puerto La Cruz conecting to Mochima,(5-6 hours).

Private Transport to Mochima

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