Canaima Day Tour

Canaima National Park

Canaima with his 7 water Falls and the lagoon is a paradise hidden in the remote southeast of Venezuela. A day tour brings you from Ciudad Bolivar by plane to this marvellous place. You will be impressed by the water masses, the beauty of the nature and the white beach of Canaima at the foot of Auyantepuy mountain. During the excursion by boat over the Canaima lagoon. You will walk behind the water masse of Sapo falls and enjoy the over flight of Angel Falls.

Canaima full day
per person
POR EUR Additional night
in basic lodge
Kavac extension
incl. meals, flights,
accomodation and excursion
POR EUR Additional night
in upper class lodge

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Ciudad Bolivar - Canaima - Ciudad Bolivar
On your morning flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima you will fly into the Canyon of Auyantepuy to the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. After flying by the falls you will land at Canaima where you will find the famous waterfalls of the Canaima lagoon. From here you will cross the lagoon on a "curiara" (Indian dugout canoe) which will take you to a short hiking trail where you will begin an easy hike to a waterfall called El Sapo, here you will find yourself following the trail that takes you directly behind the curtain of water of this incredible waterfall (be ready to get wet!!). After the excursion you will be offered a Lunch. At the afternoon you will still have time to explore the Village of Canaima or just relax at the beach of the Canaima lagoon before your plane takes you back to Ciudad Bolivar. (-/L/-)

This tour can be done all year long. It is a good alternative to the 3 day tour to Angel Falls which can not be done during the dry season, between Dec and June.

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