Auyan tepui Trek

Auyantepuy Trek

The Auyan tepui expedition is perhaps the most challenging trek of Venezuela. Rarely visited, climbing becomes an unforgetable adventure. The Auyan tepui is one of the largest table mountains and his bizare rock formation and the flora are very exceptional. We hike across beautiful rock landscapes and through deep forest, the same route used by Jimmy Angel and Gustavo Heny took when their plane crashed on the top of the mountain, while looking for a gold river, in 1937. The Churun river with its golden shining water invites us for a swim.


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Day 1. Ciudad Bolivar - Uruyen - Guayaraca
We take a light plane from Ciudad Bolívar to Uruyen. During the flight we see dense rainforest and the river Caroní before we get to the Gran Sabana with its tepuis that arise from the plain. We arrive at the picturesque Indian village Uruyen where we see the typical Indian huts standing in front of the dark, steep walls of Auyan Tepui. We leave in the afternoon towards Auyantepuy and walk 4 hours from river to river, so that we can always take a refreshing bath. We pass Okoine-River and ascend to Guayaraca Camp where we build up our tents. ( - / L / D )

Day 2. Gauyaraca - El Peñon
After breakfast we first hike across savannah until we get to the jungle around Auyantepuy. After a while we cross dense Tepui vegetation and arrive at the gigantic rock El Peñon where we spend the night under the rock shelter protected from rain and wind. Because of the limited space for tents we will spend the night just with sleeping bags and isolaton matts. Total walking time for this day is 5 to 7 hours ( B / L / D )

Day 3. El Peñon - Oso Today we cross a stony landscape before we arrive at the steep wall of this Tepui. We hike along this wall and ascend passing a huge crevice. The black landscape is impressive and reminds of primeval times. At midday we arrive at the rock El Libertador where we take a rest and have lunch. In the afternoon we hike to El Oso where we pass the night under the shelter of a rock. Total walking time for this day is 5 to 7 hours.( B / L / D )

Day 4. Exploring Top of Auyan tepui
On this we explore the surroundings of El Oso. We hike across huge slabs downhill to a tributary of the river Churun, where we take a bath. We continue our way across the slabs, we will see different type of vegetation, like mosses, cactuses and orchids. This overnight will be at the same place as the day before.( B / L / D )

Day 5. Oso - Guayaraca
We will break camp as early as possible; on the way down we will only stop at El Peñon for lunch. The trip is long, but it is all downhill. We will arrive at Guayacara after 7 hours and build up our tents.( B / L / D )

Day 6. Guayaraca - Uruyen
We hike back to Uruyen and have a rest at the same place where we started the trek some days before. Further downhill we cross Río Okoine and after 4 hours arrive finally at Uruyen. If the time allows we will visit the Uruyen canyon.( B / L / D )

Day 7. Uruyen - Ciudad Bolivar
Around noon our plane takes us back to Ciudad Bolívar. During the flight we can enjoy a last view on Auyan tepui. ( B / - / - )

Angel Falls 3 days

Kavac - Angel Falls 5 days

Jimmy Angel story

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