Lost World Adventure 12 Days

Los Roques

Starting and ending in Caracas, this round trip combines the two most amazing highlights in the Lost World including a short trip to the Gran Sabana. Deep in the jungles of southern Venezuela, dramatic sandstone mesas called tepuis tower into the sky, rising like isolated islands above the lush, misty landscape. These tabletop mountains are among the most ancient rock formations in the world and their summit plateaus are unexplored wonderlands of flora and fauna found nowhere else on the planet. Our adventurous trek brings by dugout canoe to the base of legendary Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall, for an exploration of this remote and spectacular World Heritage Site. Afterwards, we climb to the top of the highest of these tepuis, Roraima, an eerie realm of twisted rock sculptures, multi-colored crystals, vast caves and canyons, and unique flora including endemic orchids and carnivorous bromeliads.

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Cost with minimum 2 persons,
*rates per person

Itinerary Overview

Day 1. Caracas - Ciudad Bolivar
Local Flight from Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar and trasnport to the Hotel. ( - / - / - )

Day 2. Ciudad Bolivar- Canaima
Flight in small plane to Canaima. Excursion on the canaima lagoon. Overnight in beds in Canaima. ( - / - / D )

Day 3. Canaima - Angel Falls Expedition by dogout to Angel Falls. Ovenight in hammocks with mosquito net opposit of Angel Falls.( B / L / D )

Day 4. Santa Elena - Ciudad Bolivar
Back by dogout to Canaima. Flight to Ciudad Bolivar. Nightbus to Santa Elena ( B / - / - )

Day 5. Santa Elena - Gran Sabana
Half day tour into the Gran Sabana visiting Jaspis Falls ( - / - / - )

Day 6 to 11. Roraima trek
Beginn of the 6 days Roraima Trek. Overnight in tents. On the 10th day at the end of the trek a night bus brings us to Puerto Ordaz ( - / L / D 1st day), ( B / L / D day 2 to 5), ( B / L / - last day)

Day 12. Santa Elena - Ciudad Bolivar
Morning flight from Puerto Ordaz to Caracas( - / - / - )

Detailed description Angel Falls tour

Detailed description Roraima trek


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